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High Production Line

Following the success of the BL1 Rebuild, Balco worked with Technigraphica to make an ambitious plan to design a whole new processing plant in record time .
Despite this demanding schedule, no compromises in capability would be accepted. The new machine would be fast, reliable, flexible and maintenance-friendly.  
The result was a line that has changed Balco's fortunes, running regularly at 24T/hour with a minimal staff. 
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Bowmans Line 3

24T/hour - 110kg bale


To Balco, their standing in the market was very important, so from the very early stage of the design process, product presentation, product variety, product quality and reliability of supply were highlighted as driving forces.  

All design decisions were made considering these factors. In a way the whole plant was designed by starting with the container packing and then working backwards to what varieties of packing arrangements were being considered and then looking at product grades, blending  and de-contamination options.
From there we just had to decide what was the best equipment to meet that specification.


Given that Balco had an expectation of 6 months for the project's duration, the project required an extraordinary level of co-operation with the client and the manufacturing team.
Balco simplified this a lot by having a dedicated project manager who organised that people and information were freely at hand.

Fast Tools

While Technigraphica do have licenses and expertise in Inventor and Solidworks, the decision was made early to produce the drawing sets required in AutoCad Mechanical 3D Solids because of the sheer concepting speed that it avails.
Technigraphica have a lean system that allows us to process 1000's of dawings at astonishing pace and quality.  
For Bowmans Line 3 our stats were 4600 drawings (including 3D Solid Model Design) produced in 5 months using an expanded team of 4 people.



Animation Power

Before the plant even existed, anyone involved in the project had a realistic vision of the end result, thanks to the whole-of-plant animation.
Contractors could plan wiring, junction boxes, hydraulic runs, logistic pathways, dust extraction and safety thanks to this powerful tool.

Safety Given Priority

Technigraphica compiled a pictorial hazard assessment, which was used by the Balco team to implement a safe working environment in the plant.


Implementation Support

All processes require a period of refinement.  Australian Oaten Hay is especially demanding and requires steady experienced heads and site co-operation to attain reliable production results.

Hosted Drawings

All of Balco's (over 10,000) drawings are hosted on the Technigraphica server in PDF and are accessible via the internet any time.




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