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Many advances in the Buschutz/Schuts Ind. Hay Proccessing Machinery came from a unique collaboration between Bodiam, Technigraphica and Buschutz .

Particularly the involvement of Bodiam operations manager Gary Ballantyne who was instrumental in the design development of the large capacity Baler and the Multibale system, providing the critical feedback on all aspects of production and re-centring the design on being maintenance-friendly. 

Arguably, it was during the time of the Bodiam project that Technigraphica (and Buschutz) changed from following the design ideas from overseas plants to becoming leaders that listened to their clients (and their sales teams) and designed plants that allowed Australian exporters to develop an edge in the market.  

From ambitious beginnings.

To one of the most successful Hay Plant Lines on the Market.

Bodiam keeps going.




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