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Following the fire, Balco management quickly made an ambitious plan to replace their plant with Buschutz
machinery, designed by Technigraphica.
Two whole processing lines would need to be designed, manufactured and running in one year.  

The first line was called  BL1 Rebuild because (unlike the overseas counterpart in the same shed) the Buschutz
machine had major components that could be
refurbished after the fire..  

It was planned to be processing in July of 2017
50% quicker than what had ever been achieved before.



Early work revolved around the configuration of the new line. What features it would have and what the specified output was going to be.


3D Modeling

New assemblies were designed with a lot of input from Balco's project management team.


Detail Drawings

The lean system that Technigraphica has developed for detail drawings and DXF profiles, allows us to rapidly make the transition from concept to manufacturing.


Computer Animation

All of the models were compiled into one large file which was turned into a computer animation...see below.  

The animation was invaluable for project planning with the army of  trades and services that were being brought in to make the schedule happen.


Hazard Assessment

Technigraphica use a form that they have developed themselves to visually identify and rate hazards on Hay Plant.

This form has been shared with and used in the wider industry and formed an integral part of Balco's safety strategy for the rebuild.


Hosting Drawing Package

The entire drawing package of 2500 PDF files is available to Balco online.  

Technigraphica hosts most client drawing online via their server.  




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