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The processing of Australian oaten hay is difficult and often underestimated.
It does not flow like grain or chaff. It has stalks and nodes that catch in machinery. It is incredibly abrasive and springs back when compacted. In a drought year, the stalks are filled with sugars that deposit on steel surfaces like hard quartz. In Australia it is often laden with dirt and stones.

Making a dependable business plan in this industry requires machinery that is reliable and lasts through the years.  Technigraphica have been in this industry since 1996.   Please review this cross section of plants to see where Technigraphica have demonstrated how years of experience and industry contectivity have paid off for their clients.    . 


Balco Line 3

Balco's flagship high production line.
4600 drawings (including 3D Solid Model Design) produced in 5 months using an expanded team of 4 people at Technigraphica. Balco’s new Schutz Industries / Buschutz high production line is situated at Bowmans in South Australia. The new line was designed to replace an existing foreign line damaged in the fire of January 2017. Check out how Technigraphica helped Balco make the plant that changed their fortunes.


Narrakine Plant

In 2015 Buschutz Engineering won an order for a manufacture large capacity plant for Narrakine Hay in West Australia. Since commissioning in 2016, the plant has produced a pack quality that is iconic in the industry, with many competitors visiting the site at Williams, to take a peek at how it is achieved. Technigraphica's small team produced 2700 drawings for the Narrakine project and ultimately has had a key role in supporting the client post commissioning.



Many of the advances in the Buschutz / Schutz Ind. Hay processing machinery came from a unique collaboration between Bodiam, Technigraphica and Buschutz . Particularly the involvement of Bodiam operations manager Gary Ballantyne who was instrumental in the design development of the large capacity Baler and the Multibale system, providing the critical feedback on all aspects of production and re-centring the design on being maintenance-friendly.


Balco Line 1 Rebuild

Following the fire, Balco had to quickly develop an ambitious plan to replace their plant. Technigraphica led the design and was able to do two whole processing lines which were running in one year.  See how Technigraphica helped Balco after the 2017 fire destroyed their plant.


Hay Australia 

With two plants, one situated in Bridgewater near Bendigo and the other Yerrecoin in Western Australia. Hay Australia has proven time and time again that their adaptibility is second to none. With the first to get a 50kg line with a Multibale Unit and the first integrators of the Big Bale Press. 


Lithgow Enterprises

Line Lily will soon sit in a new shed alongside the river at Tailem Bend... See how Guy maximised quality while maintaining his tight budget.




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